Ionized alkaline and acidic NanoWater have a practical application in the treatment of many diseases.
The water from the Red-Ox NanoWater Generator can be used both internally and externally.

If we recognize and understand the causes and sources of our ailments, we will only then emerge from the chain of endless elimination and generation of further symptoms and embark on the path of complete healing of our spiritual, mental and physical bodies.

First of all, it is necessary to remove all substances and blockages that hinder communication between the various systems of our body.

This is due to stress, evaluation, excessive attachment, lack of acceptance and control of emotions, followed by the type of ingested water, food and other substances that are potentially toxic to the body, including chemical cosmetics, detergents, etc.

The substances that accumulate in the body and the toxins that we produce internally (e.g. from the overproduction of bile through rage and anger – as the saying goes “someone is flooded with bile”) form deposits and change the inner environment of our system. This changes the proportions of our bacterial flora, moulds, yeasts, fungi, parasites – all to protect our tissues and organs from the harmful effects of toxins. These blockages occur depending on the type of toxin and the weakened parts of the entire system – e.g. the internal organs. Also through the kind of emotions we create in ourselves, through our own misunderstanding.
In the long term, this can manifest itself in chronic, autoimmune diseases, gallstones, kidney stones, atherosclerosis, parasites, fungi, diabetis, atopic dermatitis, cancer and many other symptoms.

The complete healing of our organism can only be achieved by understanding and releasing physical, emotional and mental blockages on all levels of our being.
The more cause-related ailments we touch, the faster and more effective the healing process will be.
The absolute basis for this is to get rid of the body, which does not serve it, and to transform the inner environment into an environment that supports its regeneration at cellular and DNA level.

Adequate, energy-saturated organic water is the most effective, simplest and safest way to rinse out toxins, restore homeostasis and improve the functioning of the human body.

The active 7 elements of water energy that we receive in the Red-Ox NanoWater Generator give us all the tools to help our body heal itself (just as it heals itself in case of cuts or other skin damage).

Below we present a simplified, exemplary protocol of dealing with particular ailments and symptoms of the state of the body, which occurs in the case of improper conduct and treatment of our body.



Diabetes mellitus

Method of treatment

Before a meal, drink 200 ml of acidic NanoWater every two hours all day long until 8pm . Then drink 1.5 liters of alkalinee NanoWater at around 9 pm. In addition, it is recommended to massage the pancreas and visualize that it produces insulin adequately. It is also advisable to change the diet, reduce the intake of sugar/carbonates and understand psycho-somatic pancreatic disorders.


Noticeably improved well-being, reduced need for insulin

Allergic dermatitis
Three days in a row, after the meal, rinse the nose (with water) of the mouth and throat with dead water. After each rinse, drink half a glass of alkaline NanoWater. Moisten rash, acne, oedemas 5-6 times a day, only with acidic NanoWater. Observe which foods increase the allergic reaction and reduce it. Take into account the presence of animal, human and hapten antigens – possibly limit contact with these antigens, ventilate rooms. Usually, the disease subsides within 2-3 days. In addition, the causes of the allergy must be removed and the body cleansed.
Bronchial asthma, bronchitis Three days after the meal, rinse the nose, mouth and throat with acidic NanoWater (to deactivate allergens that cause asthma). After each rinse, drink half a glass of alkaline NanoWater.
In case of an ordinary cough, drink half a glass of alkaline NanoWater. For prevention purposes, it is recommended to repeat the flushing process periodically. It is necessary to clean the upper airways, where the cause of the asthma reaction lies (hydroxidative inhalation by means of a mini-hyperbaric method with pure particles of active hydrogen and atomic oxygen is invaluable).
The disease disappears, the cough stops, the mood gets better.
It is useful to have a shallower breath rate (according to Dr. K. Buteyko’s method).
One full cycle of treatment – 9 days. We do not eat protein during this time.
The first three days – 4 times a day – you should drink half a glass of acidic NanoWater with a pinch of salt (half an hour before a meal). At night, before going to bed, drink about 0.5-1.5 liters of alkaline NanoWater.
The fourth day is a break.
Fifth day – Drink only alkaline NanoWater (2-3 litres) all day long.
The sixth day is a break again.
7, 8 and 9 days, drink half a glass of acidic NanoWater again 4 times a day with a pinch of salt (half an hour before a meal). At night, before going to bed, drink approx. 0.5-1.5 liters of alkaline NanoWater and repeat the treatment if necessary.
Pain in the joints disappears, overall health improves. In the case of chronic disease, the pain sites must be treated with acidic NanoWater compresses.

With the purchase of the Red-Ox NanoWater Generator, we offer the complete development of applications for alkaline NanoWater and acidic NanoWater for specific conditions.
It shall cover the following conditions and symptoms of the organism:

(1) Abscess
(2) Injuries of the eye
(3) Allergies, allergic dermatitis
(4) Breast gland
(5) Lower limb arteriosclerosis
(6) Arthritis (rheumatism)
(7) Arthritis
(8) Acute respiratory diseases
(9) Bronchial asthma, bronchitis
(10) Brucellosis
(11) Diabetes
(12) Prevention of oral hygiene
13) Tooth pains, caries
(14) Skin mycoses
(15) Diathesis
(16) Dysentery
(17) Eczema, herpes
(18) Headaches
(19) Gastric mucositis
(20) Jaundice
(21) Throat pain
(22) Cervical erosion
(23) Gingivitis
(24) Influenza
(25) Nail mycosis
(26) Hemintose
(28) Haemorrhoids, bleeding nodules
(29) Cuts, punctures, scratches
(30) neck colds
(31) hepatitis
(32) ulcerative colitis
(33) Vaginal inflammation
(34) Unpleasant foot odour
(35) Slaked heels
(36) conjunctivitis
(37) Improvement of blood circulation
(38) laryngealitis
(39) Sexual weakness
(40) Insomnia, nervous tranquillity
(41) Skin irritations
(42) Osteochondrosis
(43) Ear infection
(44) Overpressure
(45) Underpressure
(46) Gum bleeding
(47) Hair loss
(48) Foundries
(49) Prostate adenoma
(50) Psoriasis
(51) Root inflammation
(52) The notification shall
(53) Swelling of hands/legs
(54) Wrinkles
(55) Salmonellosis
(56) Stomach and duodenal ulcers
(57) Runny nose
(58) Oral inflammation
(59) Facial skin elbow
(60) Acne
(61) Varicose veins
(62) Diarrhoea
(63) Constipation
(64) Inflammation of gallbladder
(65) Chronic tonsillitis
(66) Cancer

The above mentioned types of organic water and all living electrolytes produced with the help of the Red-Ox NanoWater Generator, with proper use, involvement and understanding, are able to support the healing process of each of these and many other ailments.

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