Hydrooxidative inhaler (mini-hiperbaric method)

The hydroxidation inhaler is a module designed to be used together with the Red-Ox NanoWater Generator.

It gives us the possibility of inhalation of pure active hydrogen and atomic oxygen molecules, formed during the process of electrolysis of organic water. Acceptance through the pulmonary tract (inhalation) causes strong deflexion of the lungs and their regeneration at the level of the pulmonary alveoli. These elements reach blood vessels, hearts and other internal organs in a much faster and more effective way – oxygenating blood, all tissues and cells. This strongly increases the vitality of our body, accelerates metabolic processes and puts the body in a state of self-healing.

Hydrooxidative inhalation by mini-hiperbaria is invaluable for cleaning lungs (e.g. after smoking or working in heavy dust), asthma, respiratory allergies, inflammation of the respiratory tract, poor air quality in the environment (smog, etc.) and other ailments.

With our set it is also possible to produce and inhale pure, organic Brown gas, which provides the body with alkaline and acid components necessary to achieve acid-base balance, which leads to cleansing and self-healing of the body’s systems.

We can add, for example, essential oils, Amol, amber tincture, water with silver ions and any other liquids to the tank for additional substances, which we believe will support the regeneration process of the body or protect us preventively from the effects of the environment in which we live.

The device is made to order as a handicraft.
Each of our products is tailored to individual needs.