Water Ultra-Nano-Filtration Set

(OOO ppm – PURE H2O)

Fully organic water is not distilled water sterilised from any micro-minerals (less than 001 ppm) or Earth’s magnetic field information.
Fully organic water is a perfect solvent for all inorganic substances that are present in our bodies (over-mineralised and processed food, water with additives and inorganic minerals, etc.).
It contains microminerals in their original form before they have been encapsulated by any compounds with which the water has come into contact on its journey from the cloud to our tap.
Such water is used by the body directly for all metabolic processes, because when it comes to absorbing organic water, our system sees it as pure H2O and directs the gastric canals to the lymphatic system, effectively hydrating the body systems and all cells. Unlike a solution of water (e.g. tap or bottle water), which is directed to the intestine for further treatment before it can be absorbed (in a small percentage).

In our Organic Water NanoFiltration System we have applied a multi stage filtration (from 7-15 stages), which is able to remove all chemical and inorganic compounds from the input water (a list of which can be found in the ARTICLE below).
It is fully cleaned of physical admixtures or their information matrix from the molecule and thanks to the presence of microminerals it gives us the possibility of further action with it by means of other devices, e.g. reviving it with the use of the Red-Ox NanoWater Generator.

Optionally, additional modules with different applications can be selected for the set:

UV sterilizer – module neutralizing microorganisms, pathogens, chemical bacteria present in the input water.

Electric pump – maintains constant pressure in the system, used also in case of low water pressure in the network.

Plasma Declusterator – a system of production of plasma water with the technology of declustration and “resetting” its memory (also the impurities with which it had contact), saturating it with the energy of plasma discharge on the molecular level.

Indicator set – for increased and easier control over the work of the set. The pressure gauge shows the working pressure inside the unit and the TDS meter (input <=> output) informs us how many inorganic additives there are in the input water (usually between 200-500 ppm) and the output water in the spout (OOOppm – organic water). If the output water contains more than 20 ppm, the filter set must be replaced (on average once every 6 months).

Pre-osmotical filtration – an additional system of filters, protecting the proper filters and the osmotic membrane against too rapid wearing off.

Our NanoFiltration Set is suitable for installation in any household, office or other room with access to water from the network.
The two-channel spout enables one channel to be connected to the organic water supply and the other to be connected, for example, to the Litho-Osmotical Structurer.

Organic water activates our internal biocomputer – it renews the hydroelectric energy of the nervous system and the brain, purifies the posed neurons and other electrical (neurological) circuits and thus awakens our consciousness, improves the quality of thinking, calms the pressure of thoughts and harmonizes us at the psycho-somatic level.

The device is made to order as a handicraft.
Each of our products is tailored to individual needs.