The Biospheremeter

Biosphere meter / analog oscillator.

Das Gerät wird auf Bestellung in Handarbeit gefertigt.
Jedes unserer Produkte ist auf individuelle Bedürfnisse zugeschnitten.

The biosphere meter is a versatile, analogue meter for researching the broadly understood characteristics of human energy field and its current state (meridians, aura, electromagnetic spectrum, energy-biological activity and the state of individual electromagnetic circuits of the body).

It is a peculiar link between the scientific and spiritual worlds, which have never opposed each other. From the point of view of universal law and nature, they are closely connected, and one is essential for a full understanding of the other.

It is a diagnostic device designed to visualize what is invisible to our physical eyes and, based on measurements, help people understand their path and the moment of their life.

This device is irreplaceable in the bioenergy therapy and diagnostic practice of the human body, because it touches the source of any disturbances, already at the level of electromagnetic vibrations (psycho-somatic disorders).

With it we can also determine the vitality level of vegetables, fruits and liquids (Bovis scale), so that we can determine which variety of plant or product of which origin will more strongly and effectively nourish our body or deprive it of energy. For this purpose, we use appropriately prepared probes for food research.

The biosphere meter allows measurements to be made on the following scales:


Bovis scale – we measure the so-called bioenergy therapeutic values on it. When measuring the human biome, this scale determines the microresistance that the immune system generates in the production of antibodies and antigens, in combination with the pineal wave vibrations. It gives a reading of creative properties, predispositions and gifts inscribed in DNA. We call it the level of the element of life contained in the living organism.

Microresistance measurement is measured on a scale from
1000 – 10000 Bv units (Bovisa).


Every living organism creates within itself electric microfields – so-called accumulators of life.
At the nano-cellular level, electrolytes with locally defined swirl and rotation flow in the genotype (DNA), producing a magnetic field with adequate electrical potential (voltage).

Measurement on a scale from 0 to 50 µV


Measurement of the spiritual sphere of the human biofield – a large field of static energy caused by factors of mental strength (own will and strong ego).
This scale determines the polarity of our field at the electromagnetic level – it determines which potentials, energies (conscious and unaware) are currently located in which areas of our electromagnetic circuits in aura.
With its help we can determine at which level of consciousness orientation we are currently at and to which pole of existence we are tuning in a given moment – positive or negative.
In this – in what direction thoughts and emotions migrate and what reality we create with their help around ourselves, how we treat ourselves and others around us.

Measurements on a scale from -10 to +10 Qc (default from -∞ to +∞ )


Vacuum – This is a measurement of the pineal condition depending on the status of the pressure generated inside the pineal gland by the receptors and senses receiving impulses from the outside. This causes a change in the frequency of the brain waves and an accelerated movement of biocharges within the electromagnetic field of the head. This has a direct impact on our emotional state, the type of information we process, the speed with which it flows, the clarity and understanding of the data we receive.
Pineal is the so-called habitat of the soul, which is a link between the physical body and consciousness and the subconscious and superconscious. With the activation and high activity of this organ, we experience dazzling, understanding and connection with higher knowledge, and full synchronization of our being at all levels of existence.

MRAD/Vct measurement on a scale of 0 – 9500 (default – to ∞) and the level of brain wave activity on a scale from Eps-Ye

When measuring with a biosphere meter, the charges flowing through our electromagnetic circuits are condensed by means of appropriately selected electrodes made of a specific material of a specific shape and size. All the biocircuits are closed in this way, which prevents short circuits and gives the highest accuracy and full repeatability of readings.

An additional function of the biosphere meter is to harmonize and equalize the potential of the biosphere at a given moment. The XYZ setting offers us the benefit of passive RTD, which gives your body tools and opens channels (including meridians) to remove excess charge in the form of accumulated emotions, tensions, and other non-synchronous energy-information in your body.

The advantage of the camera is its full mobility and analogity. It is powered by two batteries with specified voltage currents, which allows for full safety and comfort of use (the flowing impulses are not felt by the average person). It is not dependent on electronics, so it can be called very durable and solid.

To each biosphere meter we add full specification and interpretation of measurements on particular scales, cross measurements between scales and all knowledge necessary to understand the operation of our electromagnetic field (aura) and consciousness on the Earth’s plane of existence. All in the form of an illustrated manual.

We also offer ongoing technical support and support in understanding the device and the person underneath it.

The device is made to order as a handicraft.
Each of our products is tailored to individual needs.