The Red-Ox Nanowater Generator

The Red-Ox NanoWater Generator is the heart of our set for restoring benchmark healing properties to water. Its capabilities depend exclusively on the inventiveness, ingenuity and understanding of the user.

It is the only fully organic water revitalisation system in the World.

Our we are constantly improving and expanding its functions and capabilities. The materials used in the process, which come into contact with water, are fully organic and neutral for the human body (electrodes, glass).

The  is not just a water ioniser. Innovative technology applied in our apparatus makes it a generator, with a wide range of possibilities of manufacturing various substances and performing processes (including water ionization).

It’s main functions are:

1 Organic water
2. Alkaline water
3. Acid water
4. Free negative electrons
5. Free positive electrons
6. Active hydrogen gas
7 Atomic oxygen
8. Brown’s gas
9. Alkaline pH
10. Acidic pH11. Grandered water
12. Plasma water
13. Electrolysis of balanced active hydrogen to the “0” state
14. Stabilised oxygen
15. Structuring of organic water
16. Silver NanoWater
17. Gold nano-water
18. Zinc water (and many other metals)
19. Silver colloid
20. Gold colloid

21. Platinum-yridine colloidy (and many other metals)
22. Silver ions
23. Gold ions
24. Platinum-iridium ions (and many other metals)
25. Quark-ion of silver
26. Quark-ion of gold
27. Quark-ion of platinum-iridium (and many other metals)
28. Nano-mixed waters (gold, silver, zinc, copper, etc.)
29. Herbal electrolytes (nettle enzymes, dandelion, buckhorn)

30. Electrolytes of nature (mumio, diatomaceous earth, black flint, pink quartz, etc.)
31. Water diffusion (injection water – demineralisation of less than 000ppm)
32. Heavy water (negative deuterium) – produced from organic nature and nature
33. Ormus/Orme – white gold – colloidal solution of gold, rich in elements: gold, rhodium, iridium, ruthenium, etc.
34. Regeneration of water with the properties of Lito-Osmosis – based on the most important minerals of the Earth
36. Hydrooxidative inhalation of pure hydrogen, atomic oxygen, Brown’s gas.
37. Bio-photos of light that complement the scalar energy in the natural bio-field of organic water.

38-∞ Other unlimited uses of the Red-Ox NanoWater Generator and organic water depend on your mind flair, association and creativity, for example:

Electrolyte manufacture, caching of bicarbonates

Silicone NanoWater (application of diatomaceous earth) – Microorganisms

Zinc NanoWater (use of supplements with pure zinc)

Zeolite NanoWater (use of Clinoptilolite Zeolite micronized at 40 microns)

NanoWater MMS (application of organic salt – mineral of the third millennium),

Carbonate NanoWater (use of activated carbon)

Ascorbic NanoWater (use of buffered Sodium Askorbate)

NanoCarbonate Water (application of purified soda)

Vitamin C Nano-Water (use of ascorbic acid)

Calcium-Alkaline NanoWater (Application of the Dolomite Mineral)

Silicone NanoWater (use of a pure silicone supplement)

Alkaline NanoWater(use of pure electrolysis without separator)

Magnesium NanoWater (application of free-flowing magnesium minerals)

Potassium NanoWater (use of white potassium salt minerals)

Iridium NanoWater (application of iridium dust)

Production of organic calcium (use of powdered egg shells)

and much more…

Why do we use two electrodes made of natural pure element?

All devices of the Red-Ox NanoWater Generator – type have electrodes made of a spectrally pure element, neutral for the human body. This gives us the guarantee and safety that the production of Ionized NanoWater will not produce a highly harmful substance called cis-platinum, which occurs with the use of electrodes made of two different metals with the addition of metal peroxides – so popular in standard ionizers.

The technological solutions of the Red-Ox NanoWater Generator set the newest standards in the market for devices producing fully organic water – without any contamination.

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The device is made to order as a handicraft.
Each of our products is tailored to individual needs.