Red-Ox NanoWater

A system of restoring full health, vitality and consciousness of one’s being and purpose.

Our equipment consists of a completely organic technology – focused on ecology and the use of materials and components that come as close as possible to the nature on which we are based.

With them we get organic (000ppm), living water, saturated with seven elements of water energy. In addition, we use the most valuable minerals on our planet and structure them with vibrations of our planet’s magnetic field – giving us a molecular structure that is friendly and nutritious to living organisms.

Active hydrogen and atomic oxygen can be absorbed through the mouth and lungs with a hydro-oxidative inhaler (mini-hiperbaric method), depending on requirements and application.

We want the devices we manufacture to please not only the body but also the soul through the eyes. This is why we pay attention to the aesthetics of workmanship and colour design, combining them with the beauty of nature and the diversity of its ecosystems and elements.