Lithium Osmotic Structurer of Organic Water

The main task of the Lito-Osmotic Structureurizer is to saturate the previously purified organic water with completely new information on the Earth’s magnetic field, devoid of any memory of any connections with which it has been in contact. This process takes place by passing organic water through cassettes of the highest quality, specially selected minerals, offered to us by our planet. Such water acquires healing properties of the minerals used, and our body receives and transfers to the structure of its internal water their healing and harmonizing vibrations (frequencies).

A very important element of this process is the use of organic water (OOOppm), which has the ability to more strongly bind all the substances it comes into contact with – among other things – the minerals of our structureizer. In this way, the water not only takes over the structural information of the pure minerals, but also releases pure organic compounds, such as fullerenes, a particularly active form of carbon in the shungt (one of the minerals we use). Using organic water, the released fullerenes perform their work inside our body, not on contaminants in water (if we pour a solution of water over the shungite – inorganic water). Our internal environment is effectively purified – the fulerenes, through their electrical charge and structure, attract, bind and ultimately remove all toxins and inorganic contaminants to each other.

We offer you a Lithium Osmotic Structurer 3 and 6 – graduated. Depending on personal preferences and the idea of using structural water with vibrations of specific minerals, we can freely modify the content of the Lithium Osmotic Structure Maker.

For backfilling we use only the purest, highest class minerals and crystals (e.g. Class I Shungite) in order to provide organic water with the purest physical and structural information.

The device is made to order as a handicraft.
Each of our products is tailored to individual needs.