Explanation of the NanoWater Red-Ox ionisation process

The Red-Ox NanoWater Generator produces, among others, alkaline and acid ionized nano-ionized water. In the process of water electrolysis in combination with a separator (semipermeable membrane), these devices divide water molecules (H2O) into two parts: hydrogen ions H+ and hydroxyl ions OH- into electrodes.

Thanks to the use of a separator – a semi-permeable membrane – the alkaline NanoWater is separated from the acidic water in the second part of the vessel. Furthermore, during the ionization process the elements present in water accumulate and justify (e.g. calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium) – in the vicinity of the cathode as well as in the vicinity of the anode, which acidifies it (e.g. chlorine, phosphorus, sulphur).

2 H2O + 2 e → H2 + 2 OH-

2 H2O ⇌ H3O+ + OH-

The alkaline and acid environment is characterised by a pH (concentration of hydrogen ions) and the resulting charge by an oxidation-reduction potential (REDOX) of ORP.

The values of the parameters depend on the operating time of the device, the condition of the semi-permeable membrane and electrodes, as well as the type and quality of water in the vessel.

Negative ORP potential – means that there are free negative electrons in the alkaline water, i.e. electrons that can be transferred to the shells of other atoms. This property is particularly effective in neutralising the harmful effects of free hydroxyl positive radicals.

As we know, free radicals are molecules that lack one electron. These are peroxides, oxygen molecules without one electron, etc. In the body they result from the natural process of metabolic reactions. A certain amount of free radicals in the body is essential. They protect the body from microbes, bacteria, viruses, etc.

The harmony within the body is lost when there is an excess of free radicals. Free radicals, in order to obtain missing electrons, constantly take them from healthy cells of the body, and thus violate the normal activity of individual cells and vessels and cause various diseases. Uncontrolled chemical reactions that stimulate the pathological development of a new creature, called cancer, and other diseases can begin.

Drinking alkaline NanoWater, the body receives an additional amount of free negative electrons, which are taken away by free radicals. Due to the antioxidant properties of alkaline water, healthy cells are protected, which strengthens the body’s immune system.


Alkaline nano-water, produced by the cathode (-), has a shade of clear spring water, an element of Yin, the alkaline reaction has an irritating effect and is absorbed by the tissues.
Acid NanoWater – produced at the anode (+), shades of clear spring water, Yang element, acidic reaction and is rich in antioxidant oxygen.

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